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9MM Schuemann AET Barrels

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I am building a 9mm 1911 for Bullseye on a Caspian frame and slide set. In a previous thread on the subject Bob Hunter of Hunter Custom stated:

"There's many good barrel manufactures; several have already been named. That being said I would not overlook a Schuemann AET barrel. I've heard claims of the AET barrel being able to shoot .5 inch groups at 50 yards when tested from a barrel fixture. I'll have to say after buiding several guns using the AET barrels I have no reason to doubt this."

Does anyone else have experience with 9MM Schuemann AET barrels?

Which one would have more potential mechanical accuracy - the conventional barrel with a bushing or a bull barrel?

Perhaps more importantly will Shuemann fit their barrels? If not who would you all recommend?

Thanks Chris
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Anthony Lombardo said:
The feedramp dimensions are the same with the c/p and nowlin ramp so the AET barrels feed great. They have a curved feedramp and actually feed better than a straight ramp so, get a c/p ramp and it will work just fine,

The difference between a c/p and nowlin ramp are in the area that contacts the frame bed. the c/p is radiused and stronger, IMO.
Anthony I don't believe you will get the gun and barrel timed right by trying to use a Clark/Para ramped barrel in a frame cut for the Wilson/Nowlin ramp.
I have in the past milled the radius on a Clark ramped barrel to work in a Wilson/Nowlin frame.
Bob Hunter
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