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9mm vs. .40 longevity

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How much less is the lifespan of a modern .40 (not .45) pistol compared to a modern 9mm?

There's the Glock 17 in 9mm and the Glock 22 in .40, for example. S&W makes the M&P in both 9mm and .40 the last I checked. I think Sig makes both polymer and steel/aluminum pistols in .40. There was the CZ 75 in .40 but the don't make them anymore. I don't recall is Springfield makes their polymer guns in .40 anymore.
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if you can afford to shoot enough to wear out a gun you can afford a new gun.
This never really made sense to me. If I can have a gun that equally suits my needs, but the ammo is noticeably cheaper and the lifespan is double to quadruple the number of rounds...why would I purposely choose the more expensive option? Why would I set myself up to have to buy parts or a new gun (or two) when I could just shoot more?

I have worn out a few guns...I don't buy any more of those guns.
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