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Asking this question is like asking your doctor how many cheeseburgers you can eat before you get heart disease. The answer is, it depends. There are far too many variables to put any kind of realistic number on it. All else being equal a .40 will beat itself to death before a 9mm will, but then again how many people do you know who have ever worn out a handgun of any sort?
It is certainly a thing. Two shooting buddies used to run .40SW CZs in USPSA pretty hard, a P09 and a TSO. Both are high intensity, high volume shooters. The types of failures that they've had have not really been seen with 9 mm counterparts. Not that I've heard. One TSO, among many other things, broke its barrel in the half. The P09s were so beat, they could barely be used for spare parts. The P09 shooters used a lot of factory ammo, 180 Blazer and such but the TSO dude ran USPSA reloads.
I can ask their round counts on those guns but it probably will not be that generalizable.
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