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9x23 extractor

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I've got a chance to buy a 9mm Springfield milspec used for a good price. Assumming my 9x23 Colt barrel "drops in" will the 9mm extractor function?
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It should..I have been using 38 super/9mm extractors...might try an aftec...people say they are pretty cool.
eerw.....Thanks. Is that the guy with the little spring incorporated into the extractor?
I thought the Springfield uses a supported(ramped barrel) and the Colt uses a non-supported one? Just fit the extractor to the rim. The Aftec is the one with the springs built in. Some people won't build a 9x23 without an Aftec, others would.
I think the aftec is necessary in 38 super slides because of the larger breechface dimensions designed to accomodate the semi rim. The 9x23 and 9mm rim are exactly the same and my 9mm extractor worked fine in the 9mm slide with 9x23. I had problems in my 38 super Combat Elite slide because I couldn't get enough tension on the 9x23 rim even after grinding the raised portion behind the hook almost completely off. Oddly enough, that 38 super slide worked good with 10mm.

It is my opinion that 9mms make better 9x23 conversions than 38 super.
Your Colt barrel will probably not drop into a SA. The SA 9mm hood is entirely different from any other 1911. At least mine is, and I don't know that they have changed. The SA hood is smaller and the Colt hood can be cut down to fit.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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