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9x23 info needed

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We seem to have everything necessary to convert a 1911 gov mod 9mm to 9x23 except loading dies and a good recipe. Any suggestions?
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For more info on the 9X23 try Dane Burns website
and the 9x23 section of Mr Burns forum

Dane seems to be the resident authority on the 9X23 and has history and pet loads.

I believe Hornady and Lee both make dies for it. Check their websites/catalogs.

Be sure to use 9X23 brass, it is thicker than regular brass because of the higher pressures. There is more detail about this at the sites above.

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We'll tell you whatever you want to know. First you have to tell us what you want. What kind of gun. What loads are you looking for? Are you using it in Competition or protection? Do you want to shoot factory stuff or higher...or lower. The 9x23 is probably one of the most versitile cartridges ever developed for the 1911. It's all I shoot anymore and I can't get enough of them. I use it exclusively in IDPA ESP, I carry acommanding officer model I made, and I keep each set-up for different loads. It is one of the most accurate calibers I've seen. Just ask.

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