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A basis for CCW

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If yo urecieve a CCW in a state such as NC, and later relocate to another CCW friendly state, do you still have togo through all the rigamorol t oget a new CCW?
If not, I might just go ahead and get my CCW while I still live in NC.
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Every state is different, but most states require their own residents to get home state carry permits, rather than recognize ones that were previously issued in another state. Only a few other states will even accept NC CCWs for NC residents. If I knew to what state you were moving I might could give you a more precise answer, but I don't know the laws of all 50 states.

You may want to visit http://www.packing.org

Has really good info about all the states...
Of course, there is nothing wrong with getting the NC CCW, since you must be a resident.

Once you move, presumably, it would not be valid, though Indiana, Kentucky, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming would accept a Non-Resident NC permit, so if you travle there, and your new state of residence doesn't have reciprocity with a particular state, or you travel back to NC, since they have NO reciprocity with any state, you will be able to remain armed...

For Non-Resident permit's, many choose Florida's, and Utah's. Those 2 give you about 20 states where you can carry, and can be done through the mail... Just submit the app, and pay the fee's.
Well, not a REAL resident, just in the service, which, allows me to claim residency for all kinds of things. The CCW just happens to be one. I guess that I'll get my FLA CCW, because that's where I'm a resident of. But I don't know if I will be moving there when I get out next March..
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