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A consideration when boking travel for the ccw'er

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I am flying in a couple of days to Kansas that has reciprocity with Arizona, although the tickets were super cheap ($40.00 each way Mesa Az.- Wichita), they charge $40.00 for any checked luggage. That ends up being an $80.00 fee if I want to pack my gun, or knife...since it is only a four day trip, that works out to $20.00 a day to carry.:mad:

Fed-exing my gun to the hotel would cost about the same, and I really don't like having a gun floating around out there unless it is on it's way to a Smith or the factory.

I hate making a tradeoff when it comes to personal security, but for this price it was too good to pass up...

Maybe I will buy a crossman air pistol and coat the bbs in pepper spray when I get there....:biglaugh:
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Read the OP. This is about cost, not method.

Recently, Southwest stopped charging that fee, so they will get my business on the next trip.
Southwest has never charged for a single checked bag, not sure what their policy was on multiple...I travel fairly light.

I don't travel all that much so my opinion is a little skewed. But is your life worth $80? I know mine is......
Actually I'm worth more dead...
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This begs the question I have had in my head for sometime now.....does anyone who frequently travels have a "beater gun" they use to check on flights?

I would be very hesitant to check my Kimber Ultra on a plane.....and if I traveled to a state with reciprocity I would consider using a cheaper beater gun instead of my main rig.

Anyone do this?
My Taurus Millenium Pro (Roscoe) has logged enough miles that he should be able fly free in first class.:biglaugh:
Unfortunately, it appears that your flying that turd airline called Allegiant. In which case, you should be far more worried about landing upside down than whether or not you need a weapon when you get to your destination.

I have flown them twice and the last time was a real **** show. They loaded me up in the back of the plane and the stairwell collapsed on me a few steps from the top and trapped me and another lady. Nobody seemed to give a **** and my wife had to ask them if it would be OK to free me so I could sit with her and the kids on the trip........they finally got around too it. Then on the return flight I had not one, but two 35,000 feet waitresses start harrassing me about taking my earphones out while I was helping my kid wake up and put his stuff away. I told them I was working on it and would do so when I got my kid situated. Apparently that really concerned them. Guess what..............they called the popo to escort me off the plane for being "unruly". The guy sitting next to me couldn't believe it and gave the officer a statement too. The officer couldn't believe it and told me not to worry about it he wasn't going to do anything.

That is one low rent airline. Make sure that Transamerica policy is paid up. :eek:

Have a safe trip.

My daughter works for Mesa Gateway airport and told me that Allegiant had zero customer service, but your experience puts them deeply in the negative column...:eek:

Seldomseen: I have lived in or near Wichita for over 30 years and unless you are planning to go visit some gang bangers there isn't much of a need to pack heat.
It's the relatives I'm worried about!:biglaugh:

I think that we are probably going to pony up the $80.00 and check a suitcase, I convinced the wife that some wife of a TSA agent will end up with her expensive cosmetics if we try to carry them on....
Being able to pack our guns in the same suitcase is the secondary benefit.
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Another case to consider is a Pelican case, good pricing (as low as $25.00 from Fry's electronics) the pull and pluck foam makes customization a snap if you have the poles on the inside of your luggage that houses the telescoping handle, an additional cable and lock tethering tour case makes pilferage too time consuming.

A buddy of mine that travels extensively in humid climates swears by the Pelican dessicant...
Anybody know how the authorities knew they possessed a firearm? I have flown many times and the luggage claim area seems deserted of all but travelers.
Total speculation on my part but....
It seems to me that if the TSA does scan checked luggage that the image of a gun would end up on the display and so would an identifying feature of a coded TSA tag?

Having said that i doubt that checked luggage gets much of an inspection..probably pretty random.
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