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A consideration when boking travel for the ccw'er

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I am flying in a couple of days to Kansas that has reciprocity with Arizona, although the tickets were super cheap ($40.00 each way Mesa Az.- Wichita), they charge $40.00 for any checked luggage. That ends up being an $80.00 fee if I want to pack my gun, or knife...since it is only a four day trip, that works out to $20.00 a day to carry.:mad:

Fed-exing my gun to the hotel would cost about the same, and I really don't like having a gun floating around out there unless it is on it's way to a Smith or the factory.

I hate making a tradeoff when it comes to personal security, but for this price it was too good to pass up...

Maybe I will buy a crossman air pistol and coat the bbs in pepper spray when I get there....:biglaugh:
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So, my question is this about arriving in NY. The example given of the fella who got arrested after his flight got delayed and diverted to NY, if the suitcase or case holding the weapon is not supposed to marked as having a weapon, how do the authorities know you have a weapon? Do they consult the computer or data from the computer and simply wait at the luggage carousel and then arrest you? That seems wrong to me. Mighty, mighty strange. It seems they should give you the opportunity to leave your luggage in safe-keeping to avoid arrest. So, the choice is get arrested or leave your luggage? What a jacked up system!
Anybody know how the authorities knew they possessed a firearm? I have flown many times and the luggage claim area seems deserted of all but travelers.

Thanks. Explains why an earlier poster said he got a rental car when he got into the Chicago airport. I suppose if the fella we are talking about had just rented a car and flown out of a gun friendly state/airport, then no problems. Or he could have mailed the gun home, or whatever an safe alternative would have been.
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