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Well,as the 2001 pin shooting draws to an end, I thought I would post some photos of the South Connelsville Pin match held on Sept 7,8, and 9th. They had a great turnout and some super times were turned in. Here is a group photo taken on Saturday afternoon just after the man on man shootoffs.

Although some shooters had left before this photo was taken, I got pictures of them shooting.

Here we see Randy Hollowbush of Handgunner Custom Shop doing his thing using his Smith & Wesson.

Here is Kay Lookinbill (aka steelshooter) showing that steel is not the only thing in trouble in front of her blaster.

Patty and Fred were the birthday shooters. Mark Braham was missing (go cart racing with his son) but not forgotten.
Well, thats enough for now. I'll post more later. My hat is off to the people of the South Connelsville Rod and Gun Club for putting on one of the most fun shoots of the year.

KEEP SHOOTIN' PINMAN www.bcarmory.com
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