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A great rant

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This is a good read, by Brian Enos' on his website, called " The Degeneration of American Sport" at:


at the bottom of the Hate page. Enos is a fantastic shooter (and best friend/colleague of Rob Leatham), and his rant is based on active competitive shooting for over 20 years, and the changes in the sport. Worth a read, imo.

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Brian Enos is a funny guy.

Gotta love those early photos of him and Robbie!!!
Holy Tooks, Batman Shane... you're up to 1445 posts? You have a job, eh?

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That was a good site. I loved the part about the use of the word "tactical" and the reality of IDPA rules.

If I may add a minor counter rant, I'd like to comment on the WWII memorial. All the talk I've been hearing lately seems to ignore the hundreds of WWII memorials all over the country/world, and also ignores the REAL show of appreciation put in place by the government and paid for by all taxpayers: The GI Bill. A national memorial is an empty gesture by comparison.

I do believe the memorial is a good thing, but anyone who thinks our WWII vets were slighted in any way is way off target.

Sorry for going off topic, but this has been a source of irritation for quite some time.
Originally posted by Mall Ninja:
Holy Tooks, Batman Shane... you're up to 1445 posts? You have a job, eh?

Yeah, the BG's are behaving themselves here lately. Besides, I've got paperwork coming out my ying-yang, which means I'm flying my desk into the wee hours of the night sometimes. My PC is always on, with the forum running in the background. I usually check it every 15-20 minutes when I'm actually in the office. Now if I could only get them to buy me a nice laptop or Palm Pilot, I'd be at "1911" posts by now!!!

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Well, walking point, ask those ww2 vetrans that were left by our president on the philipenes to suffer through the Baatan death march. A lot of those that somehow survived were put on ships and shipped to japan and used as slave laborers. Now our government won't even let the few survivors sue the japanese govt to get some reperation for the slavery and torture. No other group has done what the men who went through the d day invasion and iowa jima and guadacanal and on and on i could go. We owe those ww2 vets our freedom don't even think they don't deserve even more than what we've done for them. We've had heroes in every generation but none have done as much as the ww2 vets.

I don't recall saying WWII vets don't deserve anything, but they have been the best treated vets in the history of this country and anyone who thinks they've been mistreated because they didn't get a national monument until now is misinformed.

Try that emotional crap on someone else, as I deal with facts. The Axis never had, and never would have had the ability to threaten our freedom.

You need to look at a certain General to see who should get the majority of blame for the death march and everything else that happened on that group of islands.
A good rant yes. And I can understand where he is coming from.

But,,,, when he started this game there were no high caps. Now the sport is dominated by them. Why shoot a match that you can carry in two mags? Our match yesterday required a little over 115 rounds across six stages and there were a lot of tough shots. Heads at 18 and 20 yards, or you could run up and point blank them.

The sport has evolved and changed. For the better, maybe. For the worse, maybe.

Even IDPA is changing. More often than the membership would like, but it is changing.

Brian’s hope Production would do well isn’t so. Its doing ok, but it is not taking off like the cure to the black plague.

Change is bad I always say. I think.

AF Shooting Team
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Walking point, if you think that the Axis powers were no threat to America you are so sadly lacking in historical knowledge that there is no point in this coversation. Pat Buchanan said something similar and made a fool of himself to the whole world. I stand by my statement that our WW2 veterans deserve a memorial and it would be a shame to deny them that. As far as the GI bill goes it's not the fault of the WW2 veterans that the politicians reduced the benefits for later veterans.

For the record, Production class is very big here in Michigan, and getting bigger. Many Glocks, some Berettas and SIGs.

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