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A little help please

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Hey 馃憢 Yall. Hope everyone is having a good day. This question is about a Springfield GI circa 1991. On the Gide rod is what appears to be a rubber/plastic bushing. Well mine has seen better days and is falling apart. It just slips on to the gide and I am sure one can be found on brownells. However I do not know the technicial name of this part. Also was would like to know if there is a better option on material types. Thanks!


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Ed Brown, Swenson, and Power Custom all seem to be making black buffers currently, so it may not be quite as old as you think. These are just the name brands I found.
You can take it or leave it on a full size 1911. If it's trashed already, remove it and reassemble as normal. If you really feel it's necessary then just leave it out until you get a new (not terribly worn) replacement.
That buffer is Not needed but some folks will swear it makes a difference in how you experience the recoil impulse and reduce frame battering.
It was said earlier, it works best in 5" (full size) 1911's.
In fact, Wilson does not recommend using this item in anything shorter than 5".
NOTE: SHOK-BUFF庐 buffers are recommended for full-size (5" barrel) 1911's only. Due to space constraints, we do not recommend their use in compact (less than 5" barrel) 1911's. The SHOK-BUFF庐 is also recommend in the EDC X9 pistol.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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