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A little insight

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Okay, I know there's a gaggle of folks here and at pistolsmith.com. I posted this question over on pistolsmith and the answers broke down to the advantages of a match grade barrel versus adequate training.

I'm looking to get a custom/customized pistol and aside of a few specs, I'm a rube at why I really "need" other things.

The pistol will be in 9x23/.38 S, have a set of night sites, beavertail/upswept grip safety, extended thumb safety, hard chromed frame and _______.

What else do I "need"?

Thanks for the input!


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Look Derek, I already apologized "over there" for being part of the wild goose chase that we lead you on

To summarize over here, I think a good trigger job, and a dehorning are essential. Everything else is just icing on the cake as long as your gun runs well.
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