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A new member of the clan..

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Just joined both the 1911 and Kimber fan club, and am kind of suprised to be here as I never itched to own a 1911 before this weekend. I could never understand the cult following the 1911 engendered, probably because I'd only handled some not too impressive examples. That all changed this weekend with a trip to the local gun show when I came across a case full of Kimbers and out of curiosity asked to handle one and was suddenly hooked. The gun just felt right, like it was made for my hand, not like the blocky feel of my Glock 19 which I never liked. I went home, signed on to the internet and checked through this and a few other boards to get some info on the Kimber. Yesterday I went back to the show, sold off that Glock, and two other guns, using the proceeds to become a member of the clan. Due info gleaned in posts on this board I'm now a proud owner of a full size Custom Stainless in .45acp and also have the .22lr conversion kit coming. Think I got a good price on both, $700.00 for the gun and $255.00 for the conversion kit. I also got 500 rds of Winchester hardball and three Wilson mags to keep it perking. I won't be able to shoot it till next weekend, but expect to be very satisfied.
Glad to be here,
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Welcome aboard Manny. I know you will like the Kimber, and the price sounds good. The only downside I can think of, is that one is never enough.

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A Glock and two other guns for a Kimber? Sheesh. I really wish you'd have logged on here and asked for some opinions first. You could have done much better on the trade.

Good luck with your new iron though. Regards.
Inspector C., the other guns were nowhere near the value of the Kimber, or the Glock for that matter. I sold them all outright, didn't trade and feel I got fair prices for all. I'd been thinking of selling them anyway as I've working to assemble a smaller battery of better arms. I would rather have a few top quality arms I really like than have closets full of mediocore arms. With this trade my handgun battery is essentally complete for my needs and wants. My goal at this time is to spend as much time as possible to becoming more competent in their use.

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<><> Congrats, Manny, and welcome to the board. Give us a report on it after you shoot it. I second what rdavid said, this may be the first of many.
<><> Raspy <><>
You'll be happy with the Kimber, like you I never owned any 1911 style until I bought the Kimber, an Ultra CDP. Now I have this urge to get my hands on more 1911 styles as well as other Kimbers. But I have others on my want list ahead of them but I will get back to buying more 1911's someday.

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I'm not much of a Poly gun fan...so I think you "done right" by getting rid of the Shlock...I mean Glock
in preference to the Kimber. I know what you mean about their feel in the hand...sort of like it was just made for you. Good luck with your new aquisition and have fun. Do you have to travel far to get to a range? I live in Kern county which is wide open to shooting (in Kalifornia???who'd a believed it!!!) so I just drive about a mile. All I shoot is a little Rossi 22MAG though...I may have to change that if I get a Kimber...
Regards, and welcome to the list!
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You did really good in buying your Kimber and you are gonna love it, but you are gonna miss that Glock 19. I have one and it's most definitely a keeper. You will not find a more reliable, rust proof and durable handgun around. I am including your new Kimber in that statement and I own both Glocks a Kimber plus 18 other 1911s. Like I said you're gonna miss that Glock.


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7TH, Thanks for the words and glad to hear you like your Glock, but truthfully I won't miss it a bit. NOT because it's not a great and ultra reliable gun, but for two reasons:
A) Caliber, 9mm just isn't a favorite, I was never able to warm up to it.
B) Feel, it just never felt right in my hand, too blocky.
Won't say I'll never get another Glock, but if I do, chances are it'll be a Model 29 10mm. I like the whole idea of that gun and I'm a huge 10mm fan, wish it was more popular.

Well done on your new purchase!! I bet you will like it. I know I like mine.

Two bits of advice:

1. Shoot it a bunch!!! You have to build up those gunhandling skills with a 1911. The more you shoot it, the better you will know it. The best thing to do when shooting guns it to know its ins and outs. How it works,how it disassembles, etc.

2. Get a GOOD holster to carry it in. Look for a Burns/Alessi, Milt Sparks, Blade-Tech, etc.
Manny sounds to me like you came out all right. I think you are going to like the
kimber very much. Good luck.
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