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A.O. sights for self defence?

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I've heard that the Ashely Epress sights are great for quick target accuisition and high stress shooting. Anyone tried them? Are they worth it?
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Have the AO Tritium Big Dot sights on my Kahr P9 which is my usual CCW gun. They are perfect inside ten yards. Great in low light. Great for old eyes.

Some local IDPA shooters got 'em and went back to something else because they felt they couldn't be as surgical in their bullet placement as with Patridge-style sights.

Hope that helps.

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I've got he Big Dot trits on my Kimber Ultra Carry and I really like them...Very fast and more accurate than I thought...You do give up some precision for speed however...Can do head shots easily up to 15 yds....Can keep shots on a 9" paper plate at 25 yds...Just have to get used to them....
I have 'em on my H&K .40 Compact, and think very highly of them. I believe they are perfect for a SD pistol when you need a quick target acquisition (and especially in low light). geegee
I also have them on an Ultra Carry and my experience mirrors, CJ's. Very fast acquisition and quite accurate. M2
I put a set of AO BIG dot sights on my Kimber PRO CDP. They are very good for quick alignment, and quick acquisition of your target. Going past 15 yards or so limits your ability to make a "precise" shot. I do think they're worth the money.

If anyone has had experience with the Pro-Express (rear tritium) sights: Is it a big deal whether or not the rear sight for the AO sights are tritium or plain white for target acquisition? I figure if it's dark enough to where you need the tritium rear sights, you probably don't want to be shooting at it anyway, just my opinion.

Alexander Garcias

USMA/P, I just put the tritium big dot in front on my Ultra Carry for the reason you alluded. I have no practical experience, but in drills around the house & yard, the Dot was entirely sufficient. On the range, it works fine (good to 3 m).

OT, I was a 74E20 (Computer Operator) at the ACC (Thayer Hall) `71-`73. Is the Venice Bar & Grill still there? M2
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