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Again the SA Custom Shop comes thru. I sent my Pro in last monday to have the ambi-safety looked at due to problems outlined in the following thread:


Got it back today; monday to monday, pretty fast turnaround. It looks great!:rock: The LH safety is no longer rubbing against the plunger tube and the RH side now sits flush with the frame. Dead, solid, perfect.... :)

Incidentally I did inquire about having the ejector pinned and the reply was:

We have never received one of the Pros back from any of the HRT/FBI SWAT agents with an ejector which has come loose. There is no reason to pin the ejector on this handgun, per our gunsmiths.
No problem there, I'll go with what they tell me. So all in all a very simple process and I'm very satisfied with the results. Oh they also counter-sunk the screws in my gunner grips so that was cool as well.

BTW, when I went to the FedEx station to drop the pistol off I was a bit worried about how it would go. I was preparing myself for some big deal as soon as I mentioned I was shipping a handgun. Funny thing happens... the guy behind the counter starts talking all about how he's into 1911's and how another person was just in there picking up a Wilson Combat back from the shop. Never expected that to happen. :scratch: :biglaugh:

Before I left I told him, "Now don't be opening up that box and playing with my gun as soon as I leave here, I'll know...." He promised he wouldn't....
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