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However, I did get Bob's permission to post it.

But a little background first. Mrs. Iceberg and I moved to a rural property a few years ago. She got to thinking that it’d be a good idea to learn how to shoot after we moved out there (!) from a most unlikely source, her mother (!!). Either lacking testicular fortitude or realizing that discretion is the better part of valor, I decided that I would not be the one doing the teaching, so I signed both of us up for an NRA Basic Pistol Course in Kansas City three years ago. Her for obvious reasons, and me because, well, I didn’t think it’d hurt anything and the course was only $35 a head, which included range time.

One of the guest instructors during the course was none other than Bob Hunter of Hunter Customs and frequent 1911 Forum contributor. He talked primarily about semiauto pistols and brought along a few he’d built, among others his personal pin gun. Bob handed me the pistol and told me to go ahead and dry-fire it. What a sweet, 1.75-pound trigger! (Remember, this was his personal gun – he won’t do one that light for a customer, for obvious reasons.) I made a commitment to myself at that moment that Bob would be my pistolsmith, when and as the occasion arose.

A couple of 1911s later, I decided to have a Limited 10/Single Stack pistol built, and I wanted it in time for the Single Stack Classic this year. I talked with Bob briefly and brought him a NIB Kimber Stainless Target II. For reasons of limited time and weather, the pistol had never been shot outside the factory, so Bob didn’t have any “problems” to “fix”, which is a pretty tough start to any such project – no obvious FTF, FTE, accuracy or reliability issues or evidence thereof.

What Bob proposed was reliability work, a trigger job, accurizing, a magwell, respringing, and replacement of various and sundry factory MIM parts. Okay by me, and off he goes. He told me the work would take about a month to complete, considering his schedule.

He called me two weeks later to say that the pistol was ready, so I drove back down to Osborn MO to pick it up and shoot a little before I take the thing home. Wow -- what a great pistol! The crisp, clean, creep-free trigger for which Bob is so properly renowned, set up to my specification at 2-1/2 pounds. It’s easily the second-best 1911 trigger I’ve ever pressed. Pretty magwell installation and nice blending job.


Match bushing fitted.


Wolff springs throughout. New hammer, sear, disconnector and firing pin. Tool steel extractor.


Bob was kinda funny about this, apologizing because he couldn’t install a matte stainless extractor -- it looks good to my underinitiated eye. (By the way, that's GunSlick around the firing pin tunnel, left there on purpose.) Touch-up on the feed ramp and throat. Checked barrel lockup and link timing. The Schwartz safety parts are now in a ziplock bag in my maintenance bag. Almost all Ed Brown internals, and what a shooter it is. What I’ve got here is essentially a Gold Match with better guts (and no MIM parts) in it than a factory pistol, at about the same price.


I used the gun in the Single Stack Classic and IT performed flawlessly. Unfortunately the shooter didn’t fare as well. I’ve had three FTFs with the pistol in around 2,000 rounds, and all three were shooter-induced. The first because of a sloppily loaded mag. The second to reproduce and diagnose the first. And the third due to short-stroking a Condition 3 reload. Absolutely no FTEs, ever. The pistol doesn’t pitch fliers (although I occasionally do), and it’s an honest 2-inch gun at 25 yards – actually I suspect it’s much better than that, but not yet while I’m driving it.

Anyone contemplating this kind of work, or better yet having a pistol built from the ground up, could not in my opinion do better than to book it with Bob. And book it you’ll have to do, ‘cause he’s a bit busy these days. I’ve heard so many reports from satisfied customers of the fine ‘smiths herein that I felt Bob deserved this one as well. This kind of work doesn’t just fall off the bench.

I miss anything here, Bob? Oh, and by the way, it seems that the Eclipse stood you up – can we rebook it?


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Thanks for the kind words and the plug. I do remember the class you and your wife attended, I was doing a lot of traveling shooting different matches through out the year, along with my smithing business, I was very busy at the time I was aproached about being a guest speaker. I wasn't sure if I would have time to do the class but I was able to fit it in, certainly glad now I did.
I must say it's a pleasure doing business with you and as for scheduling the Eclispe in that will be no problem. E-Mail me ,call me, or better yet come to the shop and we can discuss what modifications you want done.
Thanks again for the kind words.

Thanks for the kind words. Customer satisfication is the number one priority to me when it comes to my business.

Bob Hunter
(816) 675-2340
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