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I like them because first of all they are Colts and in .45. But considering the contract makers also I still like them. The WWII history era is of great fascination to me. I can't seem to stop watching the History Channel because of this! I like to think I know alot about WWII and all the weapons used by both sides, especially the US. I like to think I know alot about the 1911 and its many variants. And I'm learning more and more everyday on here. I've learned more in a few months on these gun related forums than in the past couple of years just reading magazines. I used to have a '43 Colt 'A1 and hope to get another one here soon to make up for gettin' rid of the first one. I do love just lookin' at these pistols and thinkin' of where they have been and all that they have done. Maybe they have taken lives, maybe not. Thats the fascination about these old pistols. I do still have a wartime produced Walther PPK in .32. It has the Nazi proofs and acceptance markings on it. Its still in excellent shape, shoots ungodly accurately. The best part, in a morbid kind of way, are the blood stains it has on the right side of the slide. I used to think of how the Nazi owner probably was wounded or killed and this PPK managed to find its way to the US with a G.I. But I had a friend of my ex who said it could just as easily be from shooting a Jew in the back of the head. Hey, I know this is a horrible think for someone to say, and it made me pretty pissed when she said it. But it could be true, I just tend not to think about it that way. Unfortunately, horrible things like this are a part of our world's past, and we must remember them so we can try and prevent it from ever happening again.

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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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