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Accuracy consistency

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Someone told me to stop using the CCI blazers because they don't have accurate consistency.

At 50 feet, or even 21 feet, do you guys notice any shot group improvements with better ammo, let's say Winchester White Box instead of CCI Blazer?

How about American Eagle? That stuff's pretty cheap.

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I started to defer and not post but I obviously had second thoughts about it.

I have no use for Blazer, zero, period, none, dont bring the stuff to my place. It has been inconsistent from the first time I tried it to the last. I dont like the aluminun cases at all, and have actually seen the rim pulled off a few cases with the spent case still in the barrel. Above all Blazer causes range litter. No one picks the junk up cause you cant reload it.

For my money American Eagle is not much better than Blazer. Its dirty and inconsistent to boot, I tried it and never again.

The old adage about getting what you pay for is true for ammo as in anything else. I use a lot of Winchester white box or better yet my reloads that I know will work time after time.
I don't mind using cheapass ammo because most of what I shoot is within 21 feet (IDPA, IPSC style matches) but once in a blue moon at a tactical shoot you have to engage a target at like 25 yards or something obscene. Maybe farther, I don't carry a rangefinder with me. To me that's when accuracy matters, but for the majority of the shooting, when I miss, it's my fault. Thanks for the input, I'll buy a box of white box and test it out indoors. I have the feeling it may be me though. It's a new gun and I still haven't gotten a complete hang of it.
My Kimber likes American Eagle. It shoots UMC "yellow box" and Winchester "white box" okay, but does noticeably better with American Eagle. If I were buying my plinking/practice ammo - I load it instead - I'd probably buy American Eagle, and I'd buy from a website to get the best price.

I've never tried Blazer in it, so I can't comment on that stuff. I don't care for their aluminum cases, though, because you can't reload them.

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