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Can somebody explain what this procedure consists of, what are the expected results and about how much? Thanks.
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A book could be wrote on that subject ... wait a minute, many have!

That would be the best thing to do, buy a book on the subject.

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DKN, accurizing is to a 1911 what blueprinting is to an engine. It's bringing all tolerances down as close to zero as possible without sacrificing reliability. The original 1911 was loose as a goose and not terribly accurate. A 1911 is a tinkerer's dream, easy to work on, custom parts out the yazoo. Jerry Kuhnhausen has some of the best books on the 1911. Expected results, varies, but group sizes should shrink. Cost, again varies according to a number of factors including the reputation of the gunsmith and how much work is necessary.

HOUNDDOG, a rude answer deserves a rude reply, why don't you go learn some common courtesy? Someone who is honestly trying to learn deserves an honest considered answer.
In generic terms it means refitting the slide to the frame and refitting or replacing the barrel and bushing.I'd say $200 is a starting price depending.There's ALOT more to it though.Ammo,sights,a usable trigger also help accuracy,but the term is usually associated with the above.
Hi DKN, you asked a BIG QUESTION in the terms of building a accurized pistol, can you be more specific in what you want?

Here is a link below on the subject.

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Hello, HOUNDDOG. It's not really clear if you were joking around or being a bit rude to a fellow asking a "gunsmithing" question in an area dedicated to that very thing.

In either event, I really do think that informative answers are appropriate.

It all depends on how inaccurate your gun is in the first place. My understanding of "moderately priced" accurizing is crowning the barrel (if it needs it) and NM fitted barrel bushing (less than $100). Beyond that (and more expensive) is a fitted NM barrel and tightening the slide to frame fit (this will only increase accuracy by 10-15%). The total cost will be $300-400 or more.

The best bang for the buck is crowning the barrel if it needs it and a fitted barrel bushing. Barrels on most newer guns are of decent quality, are fitted well and are adequate for most kinds of shooting. The other key to accuracy is finding ammo that your gun likes.

My order for accurizing is good sights, good trigger, and fitted barrel bushing. I haven't seen really dramatic improvements when I did much more than that.
I'm a beginner ,but it seems that a set of adjustable sights that allow you to shoot point of aim and a trigger that allows you to shoot accuratly are pretty important.
It was meant as a joke; and only shows my ignorance. Sorry all. --HD
Hello, HOUNDDOG! No problem, sir and thank you.

Best and good shooting.
Hounddog.He's OK. It's a fair question to ask but the answer is like the guide rod thing. It varies and everyone has a diffent take on this. First thing I would ask is what is the gun to be used for and how good can you shoot? Do you need a 50 yard tackdriver and are you willing to pay for it.Is this 1911 better than you are? Most guns are more accurate than the shooters can shoot them.I would say $1000.00 for a bulls eye gun these days. $100.00 for a bushing and a Tune Up. What do you want to do?
Originally posted by HOUNDDOG:
sounds like crap gunshop jargon.
So you run a gun shop?

O.K., My Turn

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