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Action Job on a Rifle

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I'm wondering if any of you guys can reccomend someone for doing an action job on a rifle. I have a Sako 75 deluxe that I would like to have the trigger tuned and also a new recoil pad put in. Please let me know if anyone knows anyone that does a good job. Thanks.
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Call the folks at Ed Brown, or maybe Kenny Jarrett. Or any one of the other advertisers listed in the gun magazines with custom rifles. Most will do work on your existing rifle.

I would assume though that you'll have to wait. A 500.00 job on your rifle may take a back seat to them working on their own custom rifles that sell for 2000.00 to almost 5,000.00.

If that isn't what you want to do, check around at your local (if there are any) gun clubs and talk to some of those folks. They'll give you some ideas of 'smiths in your area maybe.

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