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Add on Compensators?

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Anyone have any experience with these, I would like a comp for bowling pin shooting but dont need a new barrel. I would like one of these, they replace the barrel bushing in a 1911. Thanks in advance for the replies, Max
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In a word, they suck, dont work and are a complete waste of money and time.

Tom Freeman http://www.limitedgun.com/PPPS
If you get a compensator I would go with the cone type.You can still use the same barrel by haveing it threaded and have your gunsmith fit a compensator on it.

Have fun & Shoot Strait
bbl bushing comps are big waste of money
A cone type would also add weight up front, which isn't a bad thing in pin shooting. I've shot a 45 with an add on bushing comp and I really couldn't tell that it was comped. I think it wise to spend a little ( acually a lot ) more and go with a cone comp.

Talk about unified replies, scratch comp off my to buy list. Jk, I've never seen one in person so this was quite helpful. Thanks, Max
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