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Originally posted by Glock_Racer:
I wish I knew this before sending in the slide of my Custom Eclipse II. Ended up getting it back with no work done
. Heinie does not specifically state this on their website. Anybody else have other options? I need night sights and the Meprolights totally suck...

Nope... For now, you're pretty much stuck...

You can get a Blank, Non-Nightsighted rear from Kimber, or upgrade, and get the BMCS-K Bomar, and then send it to Trijicon, and they can install the Tritium elements, for a small fee.

Sadly, I learned this a couple years ago with my CST, but I have actually enjoyed having the Adjustables. I am, however considering the Mod that Ned is doing, I think it offers much better protection of the sight, and a better part.

Mark, I will say that I haven't had any problems with my Kimber sights, and I have roughly 5000 rounds though it.

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