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adjusting rear sight

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i have just purchased a 9mm loaded springfield and am very pleased with it.
i have a question that i hope someone can help me with.
i am not clear on how to adjust windage on the rear (adjustable) sight.
the elevation can be adjusted when you depress the spring loaded sight assembly. the windage screw is locked in place until something is moved. i don't want to damage the sight playing around to figure it out so i thought i would ask forum members. i did e-mail this question to SA but they did not respond.

also does any one have experience with the "accuracy grip" by FIREARMS EXPERTS. this is the grip that comes with interchangeable trigger finger supports that will position your finger to the best arrangement based on your hand size. i am really intersted in one and was hoping someone could comment.

thanks for any info on either question
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The adjustment screws are not locked in position, they are just a little stiff at first. Put a drop of oil on each and use a screwdriver with a blade that fits the slot well. Buy a screwdriver set if necessary.
Never heard of the grip thing.
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