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Aftermarket Finishes

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Has anyone considered refinishing their frame in O.D. green? I was thinking of doing this with the Alumihyde II that Brownell's sell.

I've used it for plastic stocks but it seems to wear a little faster than I like.

Can anyone recommend a better do it yourself finish for matt finished blue steel frame?

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Yes. Get the Brownell's Teflon/Moly finish. It's a spray on/oven cure type. My Kimber Classic came stock with what I call a "Rust-O-Matic" finish. The bluing wore off quickly and in the hot summer humidity the gun would literally start to rust in my hands. I refinished it with matte black teflon/moly about 3 years ago and I haven't had one spec of rust since. The finish is starting to look a little beat and it's probably time for another coating. You can get it in a variety of colors now, including OD green.

When I did my Kimber it was my first time and it wasn't as professional a job as it could have been. I made the mistake of applying one or two heavy coats, and this resulted in a few runs that are still visible. Since then I've done several other guns and have got a technique down. I keep a hair dryer in one hand and heat the parts first, then immediately apply a very light coat of the teflon/moly. Then, I immediately hit it with hot air from the dryer. This prevents the spray from running and reduces the wait time in-between coats.

Over time, as the finish wears off in spots, the gun still will not rust because the teflon actually bonds to the pores in the metal during the oven cure process (or so I'm told. In any case the wear spots on mine haven't shown signs of rusting yet).

The only disadvantage to the teflon/moly that I've found is that since it contains teflon (which is a lubricant) over time it will tend to get slick in areas that encounter a lot of friction, such as the front strap.

Appearantly there is a newer epoxy-based oven cure finish available that is supposed to be harder than the teflon/moly and won't get slick over time. I don't have any info on it yet and don't know the name.
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I've used the Teflon/Moly from Brownells on several items and have had problems getting it to stick to the surface. What kind of surface prep did you do to your Kimber to get it on? How did you coat the firing pin channel and other hard to reach areas?

Nope. All I did was thoroughly degrease each part by wiping it down with acetone. I applied the finish right over the existing bluing without any additional prep. I had no problems getting the finish to stick. The gun stood up to a lot of hard use before I started noticing the first signs of wear.

I would suggest wearing gloves to avoid getting oil from your hands on the steel. You might even try dipping the parts in acetone, especially parts with lots of nooks and crannies, such as a checkered mainspring housing.

If you call Brownell's they may be able to give you some pointers. I used to get their newsletter and one of the issues had a good article on refinishing a gun with the teflon/moly.
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