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Aftermarket sights for S&W 629 Classic ?

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HEY GUYS:GUNNUTS HERE,Does anybody know of any aftermarket sights for the S&W 629 Classic?Years ago I bought one of the first Ruger Redhawks,It had the same type of front sight,Push the pin in on the front & take it out,I replaced it with a gold bead type & the rear I put in a V type,I could really hit with this setup,50 yards sub 3",I can't find anything like this for my new 629? Any info.?THANKS GUYS
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Brownells used to carry a blank rear sight blade I think. Their website doesn't show one though. If you can't find a blank you could get a regular blade and have the notch welded up and recut. Thats the only things I can think of.
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