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I got one of those $19.99 surplus AFSK's from Cabellas last year. A neat knife with a much better steel than I remember as a kid. Mine is made by Ontario and has military stampings on the sheath. Any way, I'm hooked on the Backwoodsman magazine and Survivorman show. I have a magnesium fire starter. I just put together an outdoor fire pit. I told my wife, it's going to get cold tonight, I better see if I can get a fire started, grabbed my AFSK, gathered tender, split kindling and used the knife with the striker to start the fire! I didn't need the magnesium. The knife worked great. I told my wife that at least we wouldn't get cold, I'd gather more wood and try to scrounge up a squirrel. She just sipped her wine and shook her head. It's amazing how much those squirrels tasted like 1.5" Rib Eyes... It's also, handy to have a couple Becks in the survival pack... :) My wife thinks I'm goofy, I think she's right.

Seriously, it is good that we test our selves on the skills we take for granted. I try to always be prepared. Spend some time in the woods and better yet take your kids or group of kids.

Merry Christmas,

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