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I must say I'm impressed. The grips are great! They are eye catchers; when I was on the range a lot of people asked me how much those ivory grips cost, they didn't know they are fake ;). The finish of the grips is smooth as silk. Ajax nothched them for ambi free of charge. I could not find any flaws on them, there were a couple of "scratches" on the flat side and since that side is not visible I don't care at all.

I was a little worried at first because I ordered the smooth ones. My other grips were cocobolo combat checkered and Alumagrips checkered dlx. To my surprise I did not feel any difference while shooting. There is a thread somewere that explains that the only checkering you need is on the front starp(griptape in my case) and in the mainspring housing. Well I think is true because I was shoot 3 mags as fast as I could and I didn't noticed or feel any changes on my grip. Also the grips didn't affected my accuracy while double and triple tapping.

I have no relationship with Ajax but I strongly recommed these grips or anything from them. BTW Ajax sells a lot of stuff at low cost, on the other hand their shipping and handling charges could be better.


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