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Am I equiped?

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I just got a Kimber compact custom and I'm gonna get wilson mags for it. Is this gonna be enough to consider trying for idpa or ipsc or am I gonna have to get a full size or am I gonna have to put a lot of upgrades to what I have before they let me in?
I'm really interested so I'm trying to consider everything that I can.
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You might be at a deficit in IPSC if you cannot hold 10 in the magazine and 1 in the barrel. With IDPA you can compete in CDP with 8+1, just like every one else.
They'll let you in...

IDPA no troubles..make sure you have decent holster and pouches.

IPSC is high round count, so as long as you remember that you'll be ok..most stages you most likely see groupings of 8 shots, sometimes more, sometimes less..you may want to get some wilson or CMC 10 round mags for the IPSC matches..most of all have fun.
Well, if you intend on winning your first 6 or 7 matches you are under equiped.

Seriously, shoot your first season with what you have. Add extra mags and upgrades on the gun(or a different gun) as you go. EVERYONE started the way you are. A gun, a holster, 4 or 5 mags, mag pouches, shooting glasses, and hearing protection are what you NEED. Worry about all A's and shooting safe, everything else will work itself out.
I second George on that one, take what you have to a match, get some guidane, take a year or so to learn what YOU WANT! then shoot and be happy.

Any gun will do if You will do.
I fiddled and diddled with my gear for almost three years before shooting my first match, and I now regret it. Get a good belt, IDPA-legal holster, five 8-round mags and pouches, and jump in.
This advice applies for both.

Use what you've got.

Unless you're getting paid to shoot IPSC and IDPA, just go in, do your best and have some fun.

If you're trying to make a career out of it, sponsers will probably supply you with everything you need, as well as butt-ugly shirts with sponser names printed all over them.

-Electric Armadillo-
Thanks once again for the responses. I will go to the nearest IDPA club which is only two hours away. Maybe someday I get to compete with some of you. Just because you're nice I'll let you win the first one : ) Thanks again.

Just take your gun out and shoot. I starting shooting IPSC with a Compact 1911. Kimber to be exact and took off from there. They key is to have fun at whatever you doing whether you choose IDPA or IPSC.
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