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ambi thumb safety

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Is adding an ambi thumb safety something that a beginner can try to do or is it something that should be left to a gunsmith?
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A beginner can try . . . I've installed a half-dozen, and was certainly a beginner when I did the first two or three. It's not difficult to do, but any safety-related item needs to be treated differently than changing a spring or a screw. You can buy the Kuhnhausen shop manual for what it would cost to have a good 'smith do the intall, and that book covers a lot of 1911 maintenance, trouble-shooting, repair, etc.
I did mine too, a couple. Always compare the sear engaging notch with the original safety and file it out a little bit at a time. Frequently put it back to check out the function.

Of course, a Kuhnhausen is a very good book to have for project like this.

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Thanks for the replies. I was starting to think that a junior Mem wasn't really worth anyone's time especially so it he/she is asking about non brand name weapons. Anyway thanks again for the info. I'm going out to look for the book now. I live in CA I'm doing my 10 day wait right now and then I'd have to wait another 2 wks min. to get it back from a gun smith for something that I would guess only takes an hour to do (guessing)? So I'll take my chances guess I should by a cheap ambi first off to see how I do? Just in case I have to start over.
Originally posted by zoroz1:
guess I should buy a cheap ambi first off to see how I do? Just in case I have to start over.

Buy a cheap single side safety to practice. no need for an ambi one just for practice because the right side just slips in, all you have to do for the right side is fit the grip panel.

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