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I had to go on a field trip to Dan Coonan's shop today.
While sitting around after the gab fest I noticed this book.

Building Your
Gunsmithing Library:
An Indexed Review of Gunsmithing Books

This book is from Midway USA
It reviews 104 books dealing with every type of 'smithing your little heart could desire.:)

I was a little bummed to see many of the books on my shelves are out of print.:eek: So what if one of them is 54 years old.:( (this is a 2005 printing date) So...54+4 is.....well, I guess it might be out of print, at that.:biglaugh:

I "Borrowed" it for a "bit" to look through it. Really an excellent reference.
You can probably get details from the 'internets' (Thank you, George)


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Books? We don't need no stinking books! We have you and log man! :biglaugh:

Here's a link to the book. 'taint cheap! :(


P.S. - Plus I recently picked up an absolutely superb book about building 1911s written by some guy from ... let's see ... "Mountain Home, Arkansas." Chock full of info, and it'll be quite a while before I digest all that. ;)
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