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Analysis of Pic please

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I recently noticed these markings/scorings below the feed ramp. I noticed that the front of the magazines sit where these marks are located. Anything to get concerned about? (Wilson 47D mags)

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maybe flatnoses rubbing the ramp? i have the same on my pro carry, and i was told that's what it was. good luck.
<><> Gargoyle, I had the same thing happen on my UC ss. It was the magazines I was using, CMC. It seems when the last round was fed, the follower would travel foward and ding the aluminum frame. It was the bottom lip on the follower that was hitting. There is nothing to keep the follower from going foward, (poor design,IMO), other than that, the mags work fine. I have since ordered new followers.

This is on an aluminum framed pistol, correct? Have you been shooting JHP's, on some hollow points the jacket, at the hollow point mouth, will dig into the frame. If you are using Wilson mags, I don't think the followers are causing the problem since they are "plastic".

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Originally posted by Jim V:
If you are using Wilson mags, I don't think the followers are causing the problem since they are "plastic".

<><> Someone is selling Wilson mags on this forum that have two types of followers. They are posted on the for sale board.

The top Mag in the pic is a Wilson body with a Government style follower. All of the Wilson mags come with a polymer follower. I agree that it looks like a problem with HP's. My Kimber soowed some marks, due to the feed ramp not being low enough for HP's. A little cleaning up and polishing should do the trick.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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