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And these brady bunch nut jobs.

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They claim that only three to five percent of all of these shooters are "living with" mental illness.
How bogus can you get? I would say that it is pretty difficult to make the argument that any of them might not be.

Youngkin Faces Pressure on Gun Laws After Second State Shooting This Month (msn.com)
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In my opinion ! I believe that the current “computer game” culture of violent games that romanticize killing others like “call to duty“ that desensitizes people from the act of taking a life really needs to be looked at, I think a lot of that has some effect, throw in a mentally unstable individual, and anyone who does these shooting are unstabile !

the fact that our politicians only want to blame it all squarely on gun ownership says to me that they are supremely ignorant Or have an agenda that they are pushing here. All my opinion.
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