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I just found out about another advantage to having a 03 FFL license. It allows you to buy Modern frames (not just C & R) for 25.00 over cost....yep you heard right. Heres how it works........

You need to be set-up as a dealer through Brownell's (or any other for that matter, Essex, Davidsons etc...) so you can buy parts at dealer cost. The problem has always been that you can not buy any modern frames with only having a Curios and Relics license.....ahha not true. You can BUY anything you want to. You just can't have it delivered to YOU. Any modern frame is treated just like a complete gun and has to go through a licesned FFL dealer for transfer. There in lies the magic.....You can order the frame and have it sent to any FFL dealer in your area. The dealer will charge you a 20.00 fee for the "Transfer" and a 5.00 fee for the NIC check. The important thing is you MUST fully pay for the part at the time you order it from Brownell's.

If you just call your local FFL dealer and ask him to order it, he will pay for the part, bring it into inventory, and then charge you retail (he is entitled to do that too, it's only fair since he laid out the cash to get it in the door). HOWEVER.....if it arrives in his shop fully paid for, then it is treated just like any other "transfer" (like if your brother-in-law in PA sends it to you. He can only legally charge you for the transfer plus the Nics fee........transfer fees vary depending on the FFL dealer of course, but remember you can use any licensed FFL so it allows you to shop around for the dealer with the lowest transfer fees.

Also......since the frame is NOT a C&R you are not required to log it on your 03 books......it is treated just like any other gun purchase that you make "outside" of your license.....so basically what I'm saying is you can get 1911 frames for "near dealer pricing"

I guess if we do that.....maybe we all earn the right to go home......

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