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Another Kimber or SA loaded?

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Hi gang, I'm new to this board but I have been shooting .45 1911 for about 5 years now. I have a Kimber STS Classic and just love it.
I'm considering another 45 but can't decide between a SA or Kimber. I had the SA in my hands the other night and it seems a fine weapon. What are your opinions? Thanks
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How about saving some of that hard-earned green and spending it on a green Wilson CQB, it'll make your friends green with envy

"Ain't nothin' like a finely-tuned 1911..."
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Well, I have owned both Kimber (a ProCarry) and SA (a Full size "loaded" SS and a Mil-Spec). along with several other pistols, and I traded a few guns(including the kimber and SS SA) for a Wilson CQB.
I had problems with the Kimber ( FTF's due to the factory slide stop being oversized for some reason) , but never had any problems with my SA's. I kept the Mil-Spec, as it was my first 1911.
Overall, the Kimber was just as good as the SA's, AFTER replacing the slide stop with a Wilson slidstop.
The SA's are generally less expensive than the Kimbers, but make sure that whatever you do, get a bunch of range time on the pistol before yo ucarry it as a defensive weapon.
How well do you shoot? Can you consistently put 2 in the COM from the draw in 1.5-2 seconds? If not, spend the money on ammo. If you can, if your gun runs, buy another just like it.

Unless of course you are just collecting guns

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