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A while back, someone wanted to try some of the "skateboard gripper tape". I have a supply of this very handy stuff. It can be cut to make front or backstrap grip more reliable and can even be cut to add to the grips for a very sure handle under recoil, even when soaking wet. If you need some of this, make a templet or outline of what you need and send it to me at:
Eric Seaton
664 Sam Houston School rd
Maryville, TN 37804

Send a self addressed appropriately sized envelope, stamped and I will send you some and will cut it larger than you need so you can custom fit it.

I am in need of some supplies for reloading. I have a single stage RCBS loader that has sat in my garage for 25 years. I have one set of dies (.38/.357) but want to start reloading 9mm in subsonic loads. I do not have a reloading book, scales, loading boxes to hold shells for adding powder, etc. and I do not have a resizer/case trimmer. If someone had any of these items extra, I would be grateful and would even offer to pay a reasonable amount for these for the opportunity to try my hand at reloading.
My hopes are to load some 147gr and 158 gr 9mm.
My thanks to all the fine folks who are on this forum. It has always helped me immensely with all the information available from those more knowledgeable than me (which includes basically everyone:biglaugh:)

Thanks again.



ETA: Just got a .32 so I will be needing to get all supplies and reloading info for that now.
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