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Another note from Cindy at Colt

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In my e-mail today:

Let the people on the Forum know that if they have questions all they need
to do is call us at Colt. I see a lot of guess work going on and possible
misinformation. If we do not know the answer here in Customer Service we
will try to find the answer somewhere here at Colt. 1-800-962-2658 x1450 for
customer service.

Cindy @ Colt
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Now that's what I call my kind of company, guys. I love it!


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Hey, at least Colt has an 800 # :)
Aw, nuts. Wild speculation and uninformerd rumors are the building blocks of the Internet. Next thing you know there'll be automatic spell checking and grammar advice built in to every message board. Humph!

Steve "Longing for the Good Ol' Days in Cyberspace" G.
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Colt with a 1-800 number? Direct info to customers? Oh Yeah!!!!


Good Shooting, all! NAA.

Colt 1911: Best damn "Government" in the World!
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Well, this certainly is timely information, considering the problems my Commander is afflicted with.

Cut and paste...
How come Cindy doesn't have a last name? Michael emailed me a copy of the original letter from "Cindy" at Colt's on Colt's letterhead, but that didn't have a last name either.
Thanks for posting this. I had a question re: the proper loads for my Gold Cup Series 70, and called them today. A quick answer turned into a little lesson on Series 70 springs and how to tell which one I have in my pistol. Great Service, nice people.

Good idea to go to the horse's mouth and get the striaght poop! No offense to Cindy (re: the horse) or of course, the good people here at this forum!!! :)
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