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Another Shock Buff Q but not the same one

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Okay, for all you gunsmiths and people that are in the know about this stuff. I have an older model Springfield .45 that I am refurbishing for duty carry. I think it is like 4 years old. My question is wether or not it is worth it to install the shock buffs to help ease the battering on the frame. I am def. getting a new pistol probably next year but I need to practice a bunch with this one. here are some particulars. I keep a written log as far as shots fired/type etc. I clean after every time shot. I shoot at least 100 rounds a week(thru my glock) I plan on doing the same with the .45. Any suggestions/opinions/thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Stay Safe all!

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PM 7,
Your best insurance against battering is a correct weight, fresh recoil spring. The Wolff #16.5 variable is ideal for a government length.
Shok-buffs decrease slide travel and accelerate the cyclic rate. If your slide stop operates properly, and your mags have good springs, a buff certainly won't hurt anything.

Right! The key to using a buff is total reliability with no FTF/FTE as a result of their use. If your gun runs with them in, use 'em.
Count me as a fan of shock buffs. I run a single buff with an 11# spring in my Para limited gun. This results in a very flat and soft shooting combo with my loads, with no signs of undue wear on the frame, slide or barrel.
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