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hey gents.. I'm 52...employment situation has changed ..allowing me more time n energy to devote to my community.
I have a lot of appreciation for our local sherif that serves the country side where I live.
I do NOT want to become a wannabee cop..nor do I have any desire for ride alongs, getting an adrenalin rush..etc.
I am physically fit..my business requires me to work long 14-16 hr days on my feet and lifting 50 to 200lbs worth of equipment..etc when I'm on a project.
I ride a pedal bike all over my property trails for enjoyment, etc...the physical is not a problem.
I have already also run the LEO qualifier a couple times and passed with (230s out of 250)..and that was with my lil kimber 3inch.

I just have no desire to get in a squad car and go chase bad guys. But I do believe I can be of help doing admin work that will free up our deputies to go out n catch bad guys...yes, part of my motivation is to enable me to carry in places my CWP currently can not...but it honestly also is to serve as well..and I'm fine helping wth traffic at a ball game, etc..running tags, processing data...30 plus years as a computer geek..might can even help write some better applications.
I am a master scuba diver, own a nice boat, etc...so yes..if truly needed for search/recovery, investigations around our many lakes, etc...or even in a really difficult situation..if they called.. I'd step up..just being clear that I'm not wanting to get into this to be an adrenalin junky.

would sure like to hear from any of you who are already there..age and constable role.
many thanks.
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