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Hey guys

I just enrolled in the Michigan class for Suarez International low lite class taught by Wes Doss

any one take this class

looking for info good or bad


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Who is Wes Doss?

I assume from your post that Wes is teaching the class and not Gabe? Gabe has an excellent reputation as an instructor but, unfortunately, I am not familiar with Wes.

Any info on him would be appreciated.

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Ws Doss is the instructor for this class he is one of Gabes guys

my regular local instructor is a Suarez instructor as well but i guess this guy is the man

later in the summer when Gabe is in the US he is supposed to come up to the range for a look see


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CV highlights of Wes Doss

Professional Experience

Khyber Interactive Associates 2001 to Present

Created and operating a law enforcement, military and security training company, specializing in relevant and appropriate force application and tactics training.

Currently maintain an active client base of 400+ agencies.

Provide a direct mail and electronic newsletter to 1400+ subscribers within the military and law enforcement communities

Sigarms Academy 2002 to Present

Recruited directly by the Director of Training to upgrade existing course material and to create new material.

Primarily responsible for the course work provided to law enforcement, military, and special operations personnel, both domestic and international.

Wrote basic and advanced training programs that were accepted for certification by a number of state certification boards across the United States.

Developed and maintained functional and professional relationships with other organizations and institutions, greatly enhancing the overall productivity of the academy.

Taylor Group 2001 to Present

Recruited directly by the owner of the company to facilitate and provide courses in emergency management, patrol operations and firearms and tactics.

Functioned as the organizations on-site coordinator for major and long term training operations, including the Harbor View Public Safety Academy in Seattle Washington.

SG Five 2001 to Present

Recruited directly by the company CEO and founder to facilitate and provide courses on emergency management, counter terrorism, firearms, and tactics.

Quickly promoted from instructor status to group leader and Executive Vice President within the organization, responsible for coordinating instructors and training operations.

Senior position on internal staff responsible for the development, promotion and coordination of the TAG training conference & convention in Las Vegas Nevada.

313th Military Police Detachment, U.S. Army Reserve 2001 to Present
Force Protection Team leader, Staff Sergeant

Transferred from the Arizona National Guard to except a position with this new unit.· Due to prior background and experience with physical security issues I was assigned as a team leader to the units Force Protection Cell, with the capability of deploying worldwide to conduct site and security assessments on U.S. facilities and organize specialized security functions in accordance with mission requirements.

Mohave Community College 2000 to Present
Associate Faculty Member

Requested by the Director of Protective Services and Law Enforcement Training to teach core curriculum and help with curriculum development.

Taught various required, semester length, courses for the criminal justice program.

Wrote & designed several classes that were adopted by the colleges and the State Board of Regents.

Wrote an upper level course designed for law enforcement/criminal justice professionals and majors titled, “Terrorism and Counter-terrorism”.

National Rifle Association, Law Enforcement Activities Division (LEAD)

1999 to Present: Adjunct Staff Instructor

Currently involved in leading and assisting instructor certification level course taught throughout United States and its territories.

To date I have taught and certified in excess of 1000 law enforcement and security professionals creating new, certified, firearms instructors, tactical instructors, and police rifle instructor.

Mohave County Sheriffs Office, Mohave County Arizona 1998 to 2002
Sergeant – Uniformed Patrol Division

Trained, deployed, and supervised a 13-man patrol unit responsible for 24-hour patrol coverage in an assigned patrol area with an approximate population of 52,000 full time residents.

Appointed to the supervising Sergeants position of the agencies firearms training unit and was personally responsible for the implementation of numerous specialized training programs.

Excepted a nomination to the Arizona State Subject Matter Expert (SME) committee on firearms and tactics training.

Mohave County Sheriffs Office, Mohave County Arizona 1993 to 1998
Detective – Mohave Valley District

· Assigned to a 3-man operation in a satellite station of the Sheriffs Office. I was responsible for Investigating all types of crimes, such as; assault, burglary, auto theft, sexual assault, fraud, and homicide.
· Attended numerous advanced courses in criminal investigations, criminal profiling and crime scene operations.
· Authored and taught courses at the local community college and through the state on crime scene processing, evidence collection and criminal investigations.
· Took the lead and authored a 300+ page tactical skills manual for the agencies tactical unit. The manual identified 33 critical tasks and was used as part of an annual re-certification program for assigned tactical officers.

Mohave County Sheriffs Office, Mohave County Arizona 1992 to 1993
Deputy Sheriff – Mohave Valley District

· Joined the Sheriffs Office in January of 1992 and, while attending the Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy (ALETA) in Tucson Arizona, I was selected by my peers to be the President of my class and represent them at graduation and during required public service functions.
· Upon graduation I was assigned to the Mohave Valley Patrol division, but due to my prior background, I was quickly transferred to the agencies Detective division.
· While I was still under my initial probationary period I was also requested to be a part of the agencies Tactical Operations Unit (SWAT) and the agencies Medical Evacuation Team, a technical long line/rope rescue unit. Shortly after joining both units I was selected as the training coordinator for both.

Colorado River Collections, Mohave Valley Arizona 1991 to 1992
Collector & Skip Tracer

· Managed the collection process on over $500,000 worth of medical accounts for area hospitals, With a return rate of over 70%.
· I assisted the management and other collectors in finding individuals who had left the area, delinquent in payments or who had failed to make scheduled court appearances.

Arizona Army National Guard, Flagstaff Arizona 1991 to 2001
Squad leader, security division

· Voluntarily sought re-assignment after active duty to the Arizona Army National Guard.
· Assigned to the installations security division and conducted/supervised physical security operations on Camp Navajo, a fulltime ordinance storage and training facility.
· I was also assigned the additional duties of retention NCO, firearms instructor, and range safety officer.

557th Military Police Company, U.S. Army, Korea 1990 to 1991
Squad leader, Sergeant

· Squad leader/Team leader for a deployable MP unit. Supervised a 10-man team under “Operation Wildfire”, the installation counter terrorism program that worked in direct support of the Gulf War operation.
· Supervised and operated a battalion level heavy weapons range. This detail included coordination with host nation agencies, equipment allocation, instructor preparation, and all other logistical needs.

8th MP Brigade/7th Region CID, U.S. Army, Korea 1989 to 1990
Team leader/Investigator, Sergeant

· Supervised a 9-man investigations task force, conducting inspections and subsequent customs investigations on all U.S. personnel entering the Republic of Korea.
· Worked closely with host nation law enforcement agencies, DEA, and U.S. Customs
· Attached to 7th Region CID as a protection specialist, conducting advance details and close security details on visiting dignitaries. I was personally involved in the protection detail of Gen. Maxwell Thurman, Admiral Crowe, and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
· Studied Korean martial arts extensively during this tour and was awarded senior black belt and instructor ratings in Hapkido. I also competed in over 100 full contact bouts held by Korean organizers/promoters.

Law Enforcement Command, U.S. Army, Ft. Sill OK. 1987 to 1989
Team leader, Sergeant

· Assigned as the supervisor of the commands civil liaison team. I operated an office, off post in the Comanche County Court House. My team and I responded to all incidents occurring off post that had military interest or involvement.
· I insured that both military and civilian authorities were kept advised of all details and represented the interests of the Installation Commander and the Provost Marshal.
· I was also assigned as the NCOIC of the installations Special Reaction Team (SWAT). I conducted mutual training with numerous civilian and military organizations, receiving direct recognition from 5th Army Command and III Corp. for developments with the SRT.

Directorate of Law Enforcement and Security, U.S. Army, Yuma Proving Grounds 1986 to 1987
Squad leader, Sergeant

· Supervised a 22-man section of Military Police and Dept. of Defense Police Officers.
· Scheduled, managed, and trained personnel during shift operations and specific training periods.
· Assigned to the installations SRT as a training coordinator and personally provided in excess of 70% of the training to the team.
· Taught family martial arts and competitive kickboxing at the area fitness center.

142nd Military Police Company, U.S. Army, Korea 1985 to 1986
Military Policeman

· Initial duty station, performed functions as; desk clerk, admin clerk, drug suppression team (DST) investigator, and SRT team member/team leader.
· Trained with host nation counter-terrorist organizations, including “868”, in preparation for visiting dignitaries coming to Korea for the 1986 Asian Games.
· Took up the serious study of a number of Korean martial arts and received black belt rankings in two (Tang soo do & Kumdo).

B Company 12th MP Battalion, U.S. Army Ft. McClellan 1984 to 1985
Initial Training

· Initial entry into the U.S. Army.
· Attended basic training and the Military Police School
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