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Any special cleaning or break in advice for a 1911 newbie?

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I'm a total 1911 newbie with mainly S/A revolver experiance who just got a Kimber Stainless Custom and will be shooting it for the first time this weekend. None of my shooting buddies has any 1911 experiance either so I'm turning to ya'll for some guidence. I understand it's not uncommon to have glitches in functioning during break in and want to do what I can to minimize the potential for any problems. I field striped it, wiped off excess oil and and cleaned the barrel, do I need to go any further? Also, any preference/recomendations for lube? I want to take good care of my new baby and do everything I can to make it as reliable as possible and keep it working it's best. I'll be shooting it with 230gr Winchester ball out of Wilson 47D mags to try and minimize any issues from those items. Any other sugestions or advice?
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