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Anybody have EGW work on there Colt?

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I have a 1991 stainless gov that I am going to send them and wondered if any body has any experience with their work?
I am especially interested in the "weld and recut diconnector track(series80)" work.
I have other work I want done, but this is the main reason it will go EGW. Thanks, Terry
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EGW (George Smith) has worked on my U.S. Arny Colt circa 1914. The work and communication was excellent on a piece that I have had for 50 years and am very attached to. The work did require some welding but not the type you describe. I would trust him to do an excellent job with anything that needs doing on anything I own.

George and his guys are great...

He has done three guns for me..
A custom carry comp
rebuilt a 5" springfield and
a Colt Commander..
all were perfect..and ran from the moment I opened the UPS box..

Joe, Jim, bob make up George's crew and all them are great to deal with..George will let you know what's up and offer you his best suggestions..but he will never pressure you to do something if its not what you want to do..

Great guys, great shop, great guns..
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I had George and his team build me a new top end to go on an existing frame. They fit one of their match barrels & bushings, fit the slide to the frame, installed Heinie SlantPro's, lowered & flaired the ejection port, gave it a light dehorn, and blued it.

The work was superb, as was EGW's customer service during the whole process. George and his team are top-notch!

While I haven't needed to avail myself of his welding services, George is an acknowledged maestro of welding. He is the guy the "big names" turn to when they have an "oops". Fairly recently, there were excellent pictures posted on pistolsmith.com of a badly checkered frame that George salvaged. The end result was perfect.

I recommend EGW highly and without reservation.

I agree with everyone else, EGW is the best.
They did work on my pistol, excellent job and it has never run better. I really can't add anything the other guys here haven't said already. I would not hesitate to use the shop again and probably will. Check out the Web Site www.egw-guns.com and give them a call you will not be disapointed.

Good luck

While I can't speak for how they are to work with, I can tell you their work is very good. I bought a BHP customized by EGW. All work was excellent. Fitting is good. Finish is good and it runs 100%. Excellent trigger, too. Breaks cleanly at 4#.
I have a Kimber with EGW right now. It had initially come back from EGW darn close to perfect, but I didn't think it was all that it was supposed to be and sent it back in. Well, turned out that the responsibility for the issues worked out as follows:

- 50% my lack of knowledge or understanding
- 35% Kimber mfg issues
- 15% miscommunication

George went out of his way to inspect my gun and provided me a complete and detailed explanation. Such a good explanation that I feel horrible for even complaining. EGW has since contacted me three separate times to address each of the issues and make sure they are exactly to my liking and the gun is coming back Monday. I am absolutely confident that it is going to be perfect upon its' return.

I guess my point is: while my deal with them has not gone perfectly, EGW has risen to my demanding expectations and taken care of me. I think this says a lot about a company and I would highly recommend EGW to take care of your Colt. And of course, it is clear that their quality of work and parts is first rate as indicated by almost every EGW related post you will find on the internet
Really nice people too, I can only hope that I haven't caused them too much grief
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Thanks to all for the replies. I guess I have my answer. Terry
George is a very talented man and he's as good as it gets. If I needed something I couldn't do done, I would send the work to him in a heartbeat.
Top of the line.They don't get any better than EGW
I have never heard a discouraging word about EGW. I know *many* fellow IPSC shooters who have had George and crew work on their guns, everything from small mods to extensive mods. George has perhaps the BEST reputation in the industry.

Further, he is a complete gentleman and takes great pride in customer satisfaction.

Thus far I've only had minor work done by EGW (well done and only a few weeks), but I did email George several times on a custom 1911 project and he was very up front with me about what the options, pros/cons, and costs were.

I recommend EGW *HIGHLY*.

A friend of mine just got his back. It's a dual caliber set-up, 9x23 and 9mm.
Fitted a 9x23 Bar-Sto
Fitted a 9mm Bar-Sto
Flat topped the slide.
Installed front fiber optic sight
Installed Bomar rear
Hammer Sear
Installed S&A Magwell and blend
Extended mag release
Carry bevel
Reweld and install grip safety
Reblue slide
Chrome frame
Checker frontstrap
Thumb safety
Reliability job


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George has built, reworked and tuned both of my carry guns and all my competition guns. Everything from a full open to my IDPA and AR-15. You won't find a better guy to deal with. The work is top notch and he stands behind his work 200%. I trust my life and the lives of the ones that matter even more to a gun he worked. That is about the highest recommendation I can give.
Thank You.

One and all. Also thank you for recognizing the Crew. Clearly I could not do this my self! EGW is only as good as the people whom I am fortunate to work with. Jim, Bob, Joe and Sharon.

Also Let me give thanks to the One who the tallent came from, I think for all of us.
WE get to celebrate his birthday real soon.

geo ><>

Jesus is the Reason for the Season.
Thank you

I just wanted to say thanks to everybody as well. As soon as it gets here, It will be packaged up and shipped to EGW. Thanks again and Merry Christmas to all. Terry
An old saying but still valid "GOD bless one and all"
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