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This would be the stock factory combat grips from early to mid nineties - right before the hard checkered rubber that is currently on the Gold Cup. These are not the Hogue Fingergrooved that they used for a while in late 90s.

If so, can you post it or provide a link. Trying to help someone determine if these grips are the same as his.


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I think my Colt enhanced gov has what you're talking about. I'll get it out of the safe and snap a picture to post sometime tonight.

Well, darn it. I forgot that I don't have a web host (like PhotoPoint when it used to be free) to post my pictures on and then link to them.

My digital camera battery was down so I am recharging it but meanwhile I "scanned" the gun and even though it is a pathetic picture I'll email it to you.

Sorry that this didn't work out like I planned.

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