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Anybody used the Black Wilson mags?

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Saw some at a show but didn't have time to inspect. Assume they are still stainless but with a black coating...

Don't expect any problems since they're Wilson but just curious if anybody's using them yet.

Maybe it's a fashion trend
- next they'll have the olive color?
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JSP, I've sold some, but usually, due to the extra cost of the Armor-Tuf, folks pass them up for the standard stainless models. I have ordered some in green, as a matter of fact, for the lucky CQB owners! An early run of the Armor-Tuffed mags had some problems, as the thickness of the coating interfered with the smooth operation of the follower. They apparently got it straight, as I haven't heard anything negative on them lately.
Same as Allen but can see the reason with a stainless mag unless one must have the black for cosmetic purposes.

Terry Peters
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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