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Anyone else "contaminated" out there ?

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Like most of folks in this forum, I guess I am "contaminated" by the handgun virus. Before buying my 1991A1, I thought that I would go to the range to shoot once every 4 to 6 weeks. But I found myself going to the range to shoot 6 times last month.

And then the collection virus bites me and says "you need plenty other guns". Among them, why not a Kimber, a Python, a Glock, and a Beretta. I forgot, I need also another 1991A1 in case ... and also an authentic WWII 1911A1. Financially it's a dream.

As a vaccin, I tell myself I should focus on practicing with my 1991A1 and be good with it rather than thinking of buying new toys, which is somehow true, isn't it ?

Anyone else out there having the same problem ?
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I'm definatly having that problem.I used to be really into firearms a few years ago ,but its an expensive hobby and I kinda suspended my enthusiasm for a while so I could focus on other financial goals.The last couple a months the bug has bit me again.Mind you,I stepped back and really took a look at what I wanted to accomplish here.I decided to focus on learning the 1911 and spend most of my money on actual shooting .Decided to get rid of some guns that are just sittin around to help me get into the 1911 hobby.Well I just picked up my 1991 tonight and it is a beauty,really cool.Course while I was gettin it I started to meander around the shop and like you ,that 1911A1 repro really caught my eye.I'm also thinking that I'll need something alittle smaller and lighter for carry purposes,maybe a Defender would fit that description.....eh?And anyone into Colts has just gotta have a Gold Cup in their collection .....right?they had a beautiful blue one at a quite resonable price!

So now that I've already made some adjustments to buy my first,I've just about convinced myself that I'm justified in sceeming some sort of way to buy another to keep it company right away.So I'm right there with ya bro.

A friendly word of advice,stay away from ar15.com,Byron
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Of course, but I've given in to "the force"! There are worse hobbies and vises that we could be spending our money on. Some buy cars, others motorcycles. Be financially glad you're not into fine SxS shotguns (yet)!

Warning -- the 1911 customizing bug will get you next.
This is probably an unpopular attitude but I think most of us would be better served with fewer guns and more training. That brand new whiz bang thunder blaster that we just have to have (in my case a custom 10mm Delta Elite) will not make us better pistoleros. If we want to collect stuff, we should stick with art. It depends on what you want to do. Do you want to collect fine firearms or be competent with your personal weapons? I would rather have a few select firearms that I am proficient with and that work reliably than to own many guns for the ooh and ahh factor. I remember telling Clint Smith about one of my customized guns. His only question was, "Does it run?" That really puts the emphasis on the important things. Training and ammo is where the bulk of our money should be spent. I know several folks at my local range who own some really nice weapons who's gunhandling and accuracy skills are pathetic.
Kind of like owning a Ferrari and just having a learners permit.

"What most of these people need is a good slap upside the head. What I don't need is any more lawsuits." John "The Tooz" Matusak
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Hey Coltbullet, I'm not so sure any of us can help you - it's much like an alcholic looking for the road to recovery in a bar!
BillD, in general I agree with you - we all should spend more on the practical. But Colts are a form of Art, to some of us.

The guy with a well used stock 1991A1, good leather and a "warm" new Dillon 650 reloader is probably a little more Warrior and a little less "art collector". But, different strokes - and once you have the gun, you may find out you like shooting it!

Warmly, Col. Colt

"Beware of Counterfeits & Patent Infringements"
Greetings! We're all "contaminated". Granted, collecting stamps is a whole lot cheaper than collecting firearms. But firearms are a whole lot cheaper than collecting Rolex watches, HDs, Ferarris, antique autos, and the most expensive of all, women. We're gettin' by CHEAP!! cec

I always thought 1911s and collecting was a virtue.


The best handgun for self defense, is the one you have with you.

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You guys think you got it bad how about cars and guns, its a expensive combination.
The way I justify my "art" collection is the fact that the money spent really doesn't disappear, it just changes form. In an emergency I can change them back to money if needed. Of course, it really depends on the emergency. I'll starve or go naked first.

D. Kamm
USGI M1911/M1911A1 Pistols Website
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I understand the need to collect firearms but to me (my opinion only!) this posting of pictures of everyone's gee whiz, custom Baer/Wilson/Vickers/Heinie safe queens gets a little old. It's like whipping the cover off of your Porsche, shining it up, snapping a few pictures of it then covering it back up. What I really want to do with it is see how it corners at speed. Buying the weapons mentioned above and not shooting them is a travesty IMHO. These types of guns were really meant to be used. Of course it does support the gunsmiths. Owning a bunch of really neat guns does not make you a shooter any more than collecting cars makes you a driver.
Seeing custom guns for sale with descriptions like "fired less than 100 rounds" astounds me. I would fire 3-4 times that on my first trip to the range. How can you test for reliability with 100 rds?

Oh well, I think I am in the minority here. Posting pictures of your guns just seems wrong headed to me. It's not how it looks, it is how it works.

"What most of these people need is a good slap upside the head. What I don't need is any more lawsuits." John "The Tooz" Matusak
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I fully appreciate the beauty of a well made firearm--but I do NOT collect for collecting's sake. There is a shop in town that has some really nice Lugers for sale. I plan to ask the wife for one for Christmas. As soon as I get it, I will gently clean it, observing the craftsmanship, design, and general good looks on what is one of the world's most streamlined and timeless firearms.

I will then fire up the 650, and load up at least a case of ammo.

Next, I will take up temporary residence at Black Diamond Gun Club, where I will attempt to turn the piece into a smoothbore.

As I tell my friends, I don't want a gun that I can't shoot. That defeats the purpose. Please don't buy me a commemorative--it will be shot, and shot well, over and over again. My personal belief is to shoot till you puke--then swig some Pepto and shoot some more.

"Be not afraid of any man, no matter what his size;

When trouble rises, call on me and I will equalize."
This sickness,contamination, whatever you call it is ok with me. The fun part I like is the technical knowledge and history you pick up along the way. It really gets fun when you learn about some old odd trivial pursuit type fact!

I could not resist going to the gun shop tonight and looking to see what they had. What a treat, and they didnt have everything that Colt offers! It was nice to handle a new 1991 Commander, and look at all of the things you folks have been talking about like the plastic trigger, the roll mark, etc.

Of course, I'll need to BUY one soon....to go with my Officers. And then I'll need a Gov't model. And then the fun of modifying and shooting a barrel of ammo through 'em, and dusting off my single stage reloader....

I also handled a Kimber Ultra CDP. Yeah, it was nice, but $1100.00!!!!! What happpened to the price? I thought that these things were supposed to be less expensive?!?!?! OH, I GET IT! Supply and Demand...Corner the market and jack the price through the roof.Let's see how long that lasts...

I went back to the Commander to hold after I handled the Kimber. I felt nothing when I handled the Kimber, even though the salesman just rambled on about how great it was. The Colt spoke to me. After I got in my truck to go home I thought about what it said to me....something like, "Hello friend. I'm the great grandson of a firearm that has served a great nation and will continue this tradition....."and so on. Mezmerized, I suppose.

This sickness is gonna get expensive. Oh well, everyone has a vice.

If it ain't a Colt, It ain't the real deal!
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... It's kinda hard to go CCW without clothes.

True enough, but if you plan ahead just a bit, you can always get yourself some "Thunderwear" for these occasions.

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