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Just wanted to let you know that it works great for blasting ammo, is fairly accurate,meters well in my Dillon dispenser and its cheap.
I've loaded 5k with it and the stuff runs great in both pistol and a 1928 tommygun.
The loading data is the same for Bullseye although I find a couple of tenths of a grain more (5.2 or 5.3) than the usual 5.0 of Bullseye works best.
I find it to be clean burning with little residue after hundreds of rounds using FMJ bullets.
Its more economical than the usual 16 to 18 dollars a pound for Bullseye, or more for other powders.
Let me know your experience with it.


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Go to www.patsreloading.com he sells surplus powders at a very reasonable cost,I've been using WC-846($64.00 for8#) in my AR along with some 55gr fmj's (also surplus) with good results, Not match grade mind you, but great for plinkng, Anyway check him out, he's got alot of stuff, powder, brass, bullets, for rifle,pistol. No, I don't work for him, but he's about 25 miles away from me, so it's well worth the drive for the savings.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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