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Hi, I bought one of these excellent shotguns a few months back, and have just recently been able to shhot some shells through it. It handles excellently, and the pump action is butter smooth because of the twin action bars. The Picatinny Rail is definitely a nice touch-- I mounted an EOTech Holosight to the top, and it works well with the FP6. It is, however, quite light, which means it kicks more than most other 12-ga. pump-action shotguns. Also, there aren't very many accessories for it out yet, and the majority of the accessories are only distributed by H&K themselves.

Does anyone else out there have experience with this shotgun? I know it is relatively new to the market, and thus, it is probably suffering from lack of attention. I would like to hear if anyone else is using this, and any pros/cons they would like to share. One major question I have is: what tactical sling can you use with this shotgun? Also, does anyone out there have any experience with the FP6 autoloader (which apparently has less recoil than a Benelli due to the gas-operated action, not inertia-operated action)?

Thanks for your input!

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