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long time fan of the 1911...

in fact my first gun was a Taurus P58 .380 (beretta mod 84 copy)

two weeks later i sold it and bought a used Colt Gov.
for roughly five to seven years I continued buying and selling 1911 types always searching for "the one"...the "keeper".

Back then I couldn't afford much so you can understand how difficult it was to make that decision...so slowly I turned to:


Yes, I had bought the 9mm in every size, then the .40 in every size, man i even had a couple of each size some compensated some not...
I was a Glock freak...I admit it.

Let me add that I've owned hundreds of guns and other than Ruger and Smith&Wesson semis, I've pretty much owned them all at one time or another...from the cheapy ones to the super expensive as of late.

I've kept at least one 1911 type though and through it all, it's still my favorite gun.

Well, to make a long story short, I recently sold off my whole collection of Glocks and whatever else cluttered the safe...
and i can say now that the three only non-1911 guns in there are my wife's HS2000 9mm., her Walther P22 and my 3in. .44 magnum S&W.

Everything else is 1911's...Kimbers galore, TRP Ops, etc.

good to be back

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I have a safe full of pistols, some I have had for 30 years, but the only ones that ever get regular exercise except for an ocasional trip to the range are my four 1911's.

I have seriously thought about selling the unused ones off and buying more 1911's but just don't have the heart!

Just last week for example, I sold a S&W 3914 in 9mm that had not been shot in years - a friend kept bugging me for it, so I sold it to him. Even though I never used it, for some unknown reason I was sorry to see it go!

During the day I will think which gun I will take shooting, but when the time comes, it is always a .45! I think I have a problem!
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