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Anyone know of Diamondwood grips like wilsons, without the logo?

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Hello all

I'm interested in replacing the grip pannels on my Springfield Champion SS/Loaded... I like the black/grey look, but am not interested in the wilson logo. I'd take double diamonds, but no logo... I have a picture below for reference. Thanks in advance, couldnt find anything on this.


--- OJM/FF-Medic
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I think the grips that come on Kimber Tacticals are very similar. You can get them logo-free, too (item #1000799A @ kimberamerica.com).
Good luck.
This eBay seller usually has some silver/black double diamond grips listed.


I don't see any in their eBay store right now, but shoot them an email. I'm sure they can hook you up. I've bought a few sets of silver/black grips from them.

Those are exactly what I was looking for, with one exception... They're for Officer frame, not fullsize... and their fullsize ones only come with the Kimber logo on the side...


Those ones that guy has listed look plain black, but thanks anyway.
OJMiles, Oh ye of little faith...look again and check item #s.

The fullsize is right above the Officer size (on page 1, without the pic).
The set on page 1 is logo free.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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