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Anyone seen a MK IV Series 80 in .38 Super?

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I am looking for a Blue MK IV Series 80 in .38 Super. They are on California's "list" but not readily available out here. Does anyone know where I can locate one or what they are going for? I would prefer one in California as I would rather just drive and buy it than have it shipped.

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The are no Colt .38 Supers on the CA list anymore. I believe that the one .38 Super Colt that was on the list came off back in 2004 or early 2005. I'm not sure why Colt didn't renew, but it's not coming back on now. You'll need to find one from a private party like I did about a year ago. Happy searching! I ended up with what FirearmsPlus.FL described above.

See this post. http://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=156037


Did you call Colt yet? If it's a newer model they could likely help you out.

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My "regular" dealer just got two in today. One blue and one stainless. They were the first new Colt 38 Supers he has gotten in many, many, months.
So, maybe they are starting to show up out there.

BTW, my dealer is now down to one, after I got the SS one!
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