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Went to the range today, testing some more with my Reloader 15. I just started reloading last month, but I'm now down to less than half of my RL15. Been checking around to see what kind of powder I want to try next (loading for a .308 Win Rem 700P 26" bbl) and have been recommended IMR 3031, 4064, Varget, Ramshot TAC, VV N140 and N540.
I found this Guns&Ammo article, that is about reloading the .308 with the Sierra Matchking 168gr. bullet. It also shows a chart, with which tested powders burn faster or slower. It seems to me, that the slower burning powders would produce extra velocity for me, since I could use a slower burning powder than a conventional .308 because of my 26" barrel, and I never shoot light bullets, I only am going to be loading for the following-
168 and 175 Sierra MK (target/comp)
155 Lapua Scenar (target/comp)
165 Nosler Ballistic Tip (long range whitetail hunting)
I was interested in trying the Ramshot TAC because of how cheap it is, and I've been hearing people rave about how accurate it is out of .308's... but according to the article, Ramshot TAC is one of the fastest burning powders, slower than IMR 3031, but faster than IMR 4064, and quite slower than RL15 or Varget - the two powders that give the maximum velocities. The N540 is even slower, but I would like to steer clear of VV powders, as they aren't carried at my local shop, and I don't want to order it and pay the HAZMAT fees. I also have been hearing a lot of people downing Varget for it's bad reputation for lot to lot inconsistency.
I've had a great experience with the Alliant Reloader 15 - my first ever time handloading, and I am getting .450" groups with 44.0gr. of it with the Nosler hunting loads, and today, I loaded my first 9 rounds with 168gr. Matchkings, 3 with the starting load, another 3 a little hotter, and the last 3 rounds at 43.5 gr., and shot a .340" c2c 3 rd. group (100 yds)! The smallest group I've ever shot, period! I am so pumped! I wish I had more brass so I could've brought more ammo with me, but I'm a little limited ATM.
Sorry for such a long post, I'm just so ecstatic! Last friday I ordered a box of Lapua 155 Scenars, which are lighter than my MK's, and I figured they might benefit from the faster burning Ramshot TAC - what do you all recommend for a new powder to try? (I'm also poor, so I have to buy it 1lb. at a time :()
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